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Faith Christian Academy - K5-9

The mission of Faith Christian Academy is to help mold, equip, and educate a child to enable him to become the best that God intends for him to be. For this to take place, the whole child has to be nurtured...academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Considering the tremendous effect a child's environment has on his learning, attitudes, and behavior, Faith Christian Academy seeks to uphold a loving, nurturing Christian environment in which each child feels loved and successful.  The Christian, professional, certified teachers serve as positive role models as they nurture the development of each individual child's God-given strengths.

Each child begins to understand that God created him with unique talents, and that God has a special plan for his life.  Each one is encouraged to trust God to show him what to do.

Considering that the most effective learning takes place when one is actively involved, the learning environment at Faith Christian Academy is one with active, hands-on experiences in all areas.  Students are engaged in individual, small group, and large group activities as they cooperatively work to brainstorm, problem-solve, create, and practice skills learned.  Opportunities abound for enrichment activities, both at the school and on the numerous field trips throughout the year.

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Contact: Dana Burch (Principal)
220 Greene Street
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